Introducing Spinym 1.0 - The Future of Anonymous Social Apps starts here!

New Jul 13, 2020

Today! We are happy to announce the launch of Spinym 1.0

What is Spinym?

It is the easiest yet most advanced anonymous social app ever. It is an app like no other. At it's core, Spinym let's you connect with your friends, people nearby in a way you've never dared before: anonymously.

What does Spinym have?

Spinym was built with main purpose to help you connect with friends, people nearby easily.

Let me walk you through the different features and easter eggs of the app.

Interactive Questions & Answers

With Spinym you can ask others questions in 3 different ways. It can be a Text, Poll, Emoji Rating or MCQ.

What is cool is that the person replying can vote on your Poll, Emoji Rating or MCQ.

Asking someone...


Whenever you see an Ask, do you ever wonder how to say something? Now, via comments you can keep asking.

The cool thing is that you can disable comments at any moment you want to.


In your Story, you can easily communicate with your friends, this time you can ask them something, and they can reply openly or anonymously. You can as well create a Poll, Question, Emoji Rating.

Asking your friends...


Did you ever wonder how you could easily connect with people nearby? Whispers are exactly what your community is missing. You can communicate with others nearby anonymously in Channels. By default, there is the Main channel where you can say anything about anything. Depending on what you are talking about, you can put it in a channel for others to easily find it.

Whisper Replies

People can reply on your Whispers and keep the discussion going.

Web App, Desktop

Spinym is available on the Web too, you can do as many cool stuff with the version like on the mobile, it is desktop friendly too, so you can quickly and easily ask people while working on your computer.

Your friends can easily ask you things, since they just have to tap on your link! As always the app is better and faster.


Who said that you need an account to ask someone something anonymously? We've facilited Asking and sending Whispers by developing the Incognito mode. In this mode, you are 100% anonymous and you don't need an account.

Switch Account

Me personally, I manage @spinym, @franz & @rigle it is hard to always have to log out in order to manage another account. Spinym 1.0 comes with a feature which overcomes this by allowing you to switch to any of your accounts at any time.


Anonymity with Confanity

Anonymity comes of course with a pitfalls. Often, you are insulted by people you don't even know their existence. To overcome this, we've developed Confanity. Our homemade yet powerful Machine Learning AI to detect hatespeech and filter it out from your messaging so you can feel safe. We've taken all measures to prevent you from seeing anything we think might be sensitive for you. You can also report anything you suspect abusive. Our support team, will make sure to take it out.

For more informations about Bully, please read this post.

How can I access Spinym?

We are currently polishing the App and it will soon be live, meanwhile you can help us by trying our closed beta. If you have any queries, you can always write to

Request Beta Access


I'm Franz, 17 y/o, CEO & Founder of Rigle™. I'm the guy behind the code of Spinym.

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